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About us

About us

Terme di Premia

Terme di Premia

Premia Terme is a modern structure that was inaugurated in August 2008.

The complex is located on 26,000 square meters of land and extends over 5,000 square meters, with healing and recreational spa facilities.

Thermal water

The thermal waters at Terme di Premia are particularly recommended as inhalation therapy for chronic bronchitis, inflammatory diseases of the upper airways - particularly laryngopharyngeal and sinonasal flogosis - and, more generally, for various pathological states of the upper airways.

Thermal water

They are also recommended as balneotherapy for chronic inflammatory joint and vascular diseases, but especially for dermatological care due to the presence of numerous minerals that are essential to the integrity and metabolism of the skin. The water is highly tolerated by both the skin and the eyes.

With re-hydrating characteristics, the waters are also recommended for the care of burns or scars, and to counteract the ageing process of the skin. The soothing and cleansing effect of the water is also useful for people who suffer from chronic eczema, generalised eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. The buffering capacity of the bicarbonated water presents a specific beneficial quality. For this reason, skin diseases such as seborrhea, acne, and chronic urticaria are favourably affected by bathing treatments.

By Decree of the Ministry of Health no. 3038 and n. 3037, on May 18, 1998, the use of water was authorised for inhalation therapy and balneotherapy. With Presidential Decree of the Regional Council No. 80 on March 18, 1999, the Piedmont Health Authority granted concession for exploitation of thermal waters to the Municipality of Premia.



Total dissolved solids at 180°C; C mg/l = 1410
Total dissolved solids at 260°C; C mg/l = 1391
Measured in ml of HCl N/10 per litre mg/l = 7,0
Measured in CaCO3 mg/l=35,0
Total hardness in French degrees F.D.= 77,2
Temporary hardness F.D.= 37,2
Permanent hardness F.D.= 40,0
Oxygen consumed mg/l < 0,44
Nitrites mg/l < 0,01
Sulphurs, total phosphorus mg/l < 0,01
Ammoniacal nitrogen mg/l < 0,05
Cyanide mg/l < 0,01
Phenols mg/l < 0,50
MBAS mg/l < 200
Mineral oils mg/l < 10
Aromatic Hydrocarbon mg/l < 0,2
Organic halogen compounds mg/l < 1
Free carbon dioxide mg = 0,2
Iron mg/l = 0,190
Copper mg/l < 0,002
Zinc mg/l = 0,002
Aluminium mg/l = 0,007
Lead mg/l < 0,002
Cadmium mg/l < 0,002
Chromium mg/l < 0,002
Nickel mg/l < 0,005
Manganese mg/l < 0,005
Arsenic mg/l < 0,010
Lithium mg/l = 0,018
Barium mg/l = 0,025
Boric acid (H3BO3) mg/l = 0,450
Mercury mg/l < 0,001
Selenium mg/l < 0,01
I - Iodide mg/l < 0,10
Bromide mg/l < 0,10
Opening Hours

Opening Hours


Access to the Baths, Changing rooms and lockers, Rentals, Disabled services, Cold table bar, Children's area, Conference Room, Solarium, Bike rental, discover all services of Terme di Premia


Access to the Baths

At Reception, for a deposit of €5.00 for the thermal baths and €10.00 for the spa packages, customers will receive an electronic bracelet allowing them to enter and exit the changing rooms. Access to the men's and women's changing rooms is regulated by a turnstile with an electronic reader that identifies the bracelet and makes note of the time of entry. There is a 30 minute leniency added to the time you have purchased. The overdue charge is €1.00 for every 10 minutes, after the period of leniency has expired.

Changing rooms and lockers

At the entrance, a key is provided for you to access a locker and safe box for your valuables, which you should keep on your wrist during your stay and then return upon departure. The separate men's and women's changing rooms are equipped with toilet facilities, disabled facilities, showers with shower gel dispensers, hairdryers, and baby-changing tables.


From reception, it is possible to rent: a towel €2.00, slippers €2.00, bathrobe €5.00, Complete kit (towel, slippers and bathrobe) €7.00.

In period B, you can hire waterbikes and treadmills, for ½ hour or 1 hour at the rates of €4.00 and €8.00 respectively.

Disabled services

Those in possession of a disability certificate receive 50% discount on entry to thermal baths, upon presentation of an identity document and a disability card. Thanks to the total absence of architectural barriers, the Thermal Centre is accessible to everyone. The thermal baths are equipped with lifts to facilitate getting in and out of the water.

Cold table bar

At our Spa, there is a Cold Table Bar which is always open. It is possible to enjoy rich salads, dietary dishes, snacks, hot sandwiches, toast, wraps, and focaccias. Packed lunches are prohibited throughout the facility. It is also possible to add credit to your entry bracelet to purchase items at the bar. When you leave, any remaining credit will be returned to you, along with your deposit.

Children's area

Inside the structure, beside the bar, there is an area dedicated to kids with toys, colours and lots of entertainment to keep even the bigger ones occupied. Outside, next to the
swimming pools, there is a small playground that is open during the summer season. Both areas are not monitored, so supervision by at least one parent is required.

Conference Room

The property has a multifunctional hall that can accommodate from 100 to 160 seats, which is ideal for meetings and various kinds of events.


After all that physical activity in the water, it's time to relax. That's why Premia Terme offers its customers the opportunity to relax on comfortable sun loungers by the pool and, in the summer months, in the solarium or on the panoramic terrace. In order to provide a fair service to all of our guests, we ask you not to reserve the sun loungers with towels. When you are using the pools, please use the hooks provided to hang your towels.

Bike rental

A mountain-bike rental service is available at the reception, for men, women, and children. Child's seats are also available. It is possible to hire a bike for half a day, a full day, or the whole week.


The management reserves the right to vary rates, conditions and opening hours by giving notice via the website and notices at the entrance of the spa.