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How to access therapies

How to access therapies

At the Spa in Premia it is possible to receive thermal inhalation, balneotherapy, and vascular treatments. Spa treatments can be paid for privately or in agreement with the National Healthcare System (SSN).

In both cases, it is compulsory to book a visit to see our in-house physician. In the case of treatments performed in agreement with the SSN, the patient must present the original, basic, paediatric, or specialist medical referral.

The prescription must specify:

  • The type of treatment (inhalation, balneotherapy or vascular)

  • The diagnosis

  • The exemption code (if applicable)

We do not accept referrals if these conditions are not met.

Each patient is entitled to a 12-day thermal treatment cycle in agreement with the SSN. The prescribed thermal treatment cannot be made in two different periods (e.g. May - September).

It is agreed that any treatment should be completed within a maximum of three consecutive weeks. After this period of time, the treatment cycle is considered to be closed. Exceptions are not allowed.