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Expert hands add something more holistic to your relaxation experience

Expert hands add something more holistic to your relaxation experience


full-personalised-massage-relaxing-decontracting icona

Full Personalised Massage
(relaxing / decontracting)


partial-massage-relaxing-decontracting icona

Partial Massage
(relaxing / decontracting)


aromatherapy-couples-massage icona

Aromatherapy Couples Massage


worry-buster-treatment-face-head-neck icona

Worry buster treatment


lymph-drainage-vodder-method icona

Lymph Drainage
(Vodder Method)



candle-massage-honey-raspberry-arnica icona

Candle Massage
(honey / raspberry / arnica)


organic-hay-flower-massage icona

Organic Hay Flower Massage


arnica-massage icona

Arnica Massage


tension-reliever-massage icona

"Tension Reliever" Massage


foot-and-leg-massage-with-mountain-pine-friction icona

Foot and leg massage with mountain pine friction


Holistic massages

Holistic massages

Holistic massages respect the person's anatomical and bioenergetic needs by combining them with natural therapies.

"Holistic" means "whole", and holistic massage is a type of treatment that considers a person in their entirety (mind, body, and spirit).

  • Hot Stone 55 min / €70: Energetic massage with warm stones and manual therapy to harmonise the body and soul

  • Partial Massage + Plantar Reflexology 55 min / € 70: After loosening tension in the back, the reflex zones of the sole of the foot are stimulated.

  • Lomi Lomi 55 mins / € 70: Hawaiian massage that relaxes the body and releases the mind, using sweeping movements reminiscent of the waves in the Pacific Ocean. According to ancient tradition, it helps to get rid of what is old to give birth to the new.

  • Ayurveda 55-90 min / € 70-99: Made to measure for you, based on warm oils and harmonious movements to regain the balance of body, mind and spirit.

  • Breuss (with St. John's Wort oil) 55 min / € 70: Loosening, relaxing manoeuvres dedicated entirely to the spine.

Face and Body Treatments

Face and Body Treatments designed by our experts who use their skills and our specific products to offer targeted results based on your needs.

Face and Body Treatments
  • Face Cleanse 55 min / € 50: Cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleaning.

  • Special Face Treatment 55 min / € 60: Treatment perfectly tailored to your needs. Moisturising / Anti-Ageing / Purifying.

  • Terme di Premia Eco Bio Face Treatment 55 min / € 55: Revitalising facial treatment, with precious natural substances to protect and hydrate even the most sensitive skin.

  • Body Peel 25 min / € 30: Quick exfoliating treatment to renew and stimulate the epidermis with natural products from our organic line.

  • Exfoliating massage with Nutrition Pack 55 min / € 65: Specific treatment for deeply smoothing and nourishing the skin.

  • Body Shaping Mud Treatment 55 min / € 65: Detoxifying, shaping treatment with Dead Sea mud.

  • Pressotherapy 45 min / € 35,00: Aesthetic treatment that improves the performance of the circulatory system and the lymphatic system.