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  • It is mandatory to wear a swimming cap.

  • It is mandatory to shower before entering the pool area.

  • Children under the age of 14 may not access the pool if they are not accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to access the vascular path or the hydromassage pool.

  • It is mandatory for small children to wear a nappy swimming costume or a waterproof nappy.

  • It is forbidden to take toys out of the children's pool.

  • It is forbidden to run in the pool area.

  • Bathing suits must be worn at all times.

  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the service rooms and the pool area. It is mandatory to wear wooden clogs, or plastic / rubber flip flops. Only service personnel and persons authorised by management are permitted to wear trainers.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the pool area.

  • Diving is forbidden.

  • It is forbidden to throw clothing and objects of any kind, including lilos, balls, rubber dinghies etc. into the pool.

  • It's forbidden to play ball games, make a lot of noise, run, push others into the water, play roughly in or out of the water, or disturb other guests in any way. The service personnel will promptly intervene in the case of any disturbances or following complaints from other bathers.

  • It is forbidden to skip using the foot cleaning basin, climb over the pool wall, grab onto the shower or any other fixtures, and to damage the services and materials reserved for the use of disabled persons.

  • It is mandatory to use the designated bins to throw away any rubbish.

  • It is forbidden to spit, to urinate in the water, and to perform other similar actions. In addition to representing poor manners, these actions could be harmful to the health of other bathers.

  • There are poolside sun loungers, which are free to use but management cannot guarantee loungers will be available for all guests.

  • It is forbidden to reserve sun loungers. If necessary pool assistants will remove towels used to reserve the loungers.

  • It is forbidden to enter the pool when using sun cream, without first using the shower.

  • It is forbidden for bathers and guests to go from the lawn to the pool without first going through the foot cleaning basin.

  • Management is not responsible for materials and valuables brought into the swimming pool by bathers.

  • Damage caused to equipment, flower beds, flowers and plants due to neglect and/or non-compliance with the provisions will be compensated for by the responsible person, immediately or before leaving the swimming pool. In such cases, objects belonging to the responsible parties will serve as a security deposit.

  • Service personnel are authorised to intervene in order to comply with these regulations, to expel any offenders, and to require the authorities to enforce these regulations.

  • Those who contravene this Regulation and the urban police regulations will be subject to a fine, in accordance with Articles 106 et seq. of the Consolidated Law of the Municipal and Provincial Law of March 3, 1934, issue 383, and expulsion.

  • Service personnel are required to supervise.