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Dry area

Dry area

The Dry Area includes three types of Saunas.

The ancient practice of Sauna aims to eliminate excess body moisture, loosen the muscles, adjust blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system

The calming, relaxing effect on body and mind also follows through to outside beauty.


  • Hay sauna 65 °: the hay sauna is one of the oldest and most natural treatments, and is derived from the ancient peasant practices of resting on "hay beds". This detoxifies the body and relaxes the muscles. The vasodilation that this creates in the body enables the guest to absorb all the natural properties of the herbs and flowers.

  • Finnish sauna 80 ° - 100 °: the Finnish sauna uses dry heat at a high temperature to induce intense sweating in the body, causing the dilation of the pores, the elimination of toxins, the improvement of the muscular tone and obvious cardiovascular benefits.

  • Biosauna 60 ° - 70 °: the Biosauna, with a milder temperature and a slightly higher humidity than the Finnish Sauna, creates a relaxing bioclimate to warm the body slowly. This introduces beneficial cardiovascular fitness, and purification of the respiratory tract, skin and hair.

  • Kneipp Path: A walk on round river bowls immersed in hot and cold water, acting as a beneficial foot bath and a tonic to re-activate the peripheral circulation of the lower limbs.

  • Cold tub or emotional showers: the cold tub is designed for use after the hot treatments, to cool down your body and tone the cardiovascular system. As an alternative to using the cold tub to cool your body down, we have also created an area of showers and waterfalls where you can experience new sensations in touch with the water.

We recommend a maximum stay of 5/8 minutes for each treatment