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Wet area

Wet area

The Wet Area includes three types of Turkish Baths or Hammams.

The main function of these hot, steamy environments is to hydrate and purify the skin and to open up the respiratory tract.

Each treatment should be alternated with a few minutes in the cold tub or emotional showers.


  • Steam bath with thalassotherapy 42 °: steam bath functions are combined with a vaporisation of sea salt (Thalassotherapy), which reproduces the pleasurable sensations and benefits of diving into a warm sea mist.

  • Herbal bath 60 °: in the herbal bath the heat, enriched by the beneficial properties of the herbs or medicinal products, creates a purifying effect on the respiratory tract and the skin without causing physical fatigue.

  • Calidarium with chromotherapy 42°: the Calidarium is an excellent pressure regulator and an essential therapeutic and preventative tool for respiratory conditions.

  • Cold tub and emotional showers: the cold tub is designed for use after the hot treatments, to cool down your body and tone the cardiovascular system. As an alternative to using the cold tub to cool your body down, we have also created an area of showers and waterfalls where you can experience new sensations in touch with the water.

We recommend a maximum stay of 8/10 minutes for each treatment