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Phlebology treatments

Phlebology treatments

Recommended for chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and for the results or after effects of vascular surgery.


The vascular path is a cobblestone walkway, through hot thermal water tanks at alternating temperatures, with jets that massage the lower limbs.


Duration of the session is 25 minutes.

Therapeutic treatment recommended for: Venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, varicosity and results of thrombophlebitis, lymphedema, cellulite, and after effects of saphenectomy and phlebectomy.


Consists of walking alternately in hot and cold thermal water in two parallel pools, which have an irregular floor that is covered by large pebbles. In addition to providing a pleasant foot massage, these pebbles facilitate venous return and therefore re-activate circulation. The alternation between hot and cold, that the lower limbs are subjected to, stimulates a sort of vascular gymnastics that boosts the tone of the vein walls.

It is particularly recommended for chronic venous insufficiency, lymphedema, and the results and after effects of venous peripheral vascular surgery.


Part of the state run health care therapies with the SSN



  • It is not possible to access vascular therapy without first paying a visit to our in-house physician.

  • Patients should strictly adhere to the therapeutic regimens prescribed by the spa physician and the operators.

  • To achieve the proper results, patients should perform therapies on 12 consecutive days.

  • The patient must use the appropriate pool equipment (costume, swimming cap, slippers, towel or bathrobe).

  • Access to vascular therapies only entitles you to the use of the phlebology path. Unauthorised use of the other tanks and staying beyond your allotted time will incur an extra charge equal to 1 hour in the thermal baths.